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    Rolldown text

      Hi there.

      Is there any way of making text roll down after a mouse press by the user?

      I´m trying to show the lyrics of a music but since i don´t have much space on the stage it would be better if the user pressed the title of the music and then the lyrics would roll down the title.

      Is that possible?
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          WarDemonZ Level 1
          im not exactly a pro when it comes to director but im pretty gud at getting what i know to work for me, even if it seems like a bit of a bad job, but i can help but it depends on how complex ur stage is, if uv got the whole of a text object filled with the lyrics of one song, but a lot of it overlaps the bottom of the stage, wot u can do is make it so that on the clicked button, the text member scrolls up the screen, and moves the top off the stage.

          itd be something like

          on beginsprite me
          lyricmove = false

          on mouseup me
          lyricmove = true

          on exitframe me
          if (lyricmove = true) and (*lyric text block*.locv > -200) then
          *lyric text block*.locv = *lyric text block*.locv - 10
          end if

          basically once u click wotever u put this code on, it will move the block of the text up until the top left corner is at -200 (200 pixels above top of stage, but u can change the number depending how high u want it to go). or if u wanted it so that it goes back down after u click it agen, u can change it so it ses

          on mouseup me
          lyricmove = NOT(lyricmove)

          and then have another if in the exitframe similar to the first but has (lyricmove = false) and (*lyirc text block*.locv > 0) or something, that shud make it go back down until its at point 0.

          i think thats right, but like i say iv not been using it for very long myself and that code may not be entirely rite, but give it a go if u want, hope it helped.
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            FabM Level 1
            WarDemonZ thanks for your help.

            I´ve decided to just have the name of the song as a sprite in which the user presses it and goes to another scene where the lyrics of that music are in the stage. I´ve told the text to be scrolling so that it fits the stage and the user scrolls down to see the rest of the text.