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    Image quality settings aren't working

      Hi, I have a captivate 3 project that I am exporting to standard html/swf content. The first time that I exported it, the resulting SWF was 10 megs. obviously a little large. So I went into the Project Preferences and started playing with the BMP image quality settings and the JPEG image quality settings. These things don't make any difference. I've tried putting the JPEG quality down to 40% and the BMP down to 8 bit, but the file size is exactly the same and I don't notice any difference in the graphics. very frustrating.. I can't find any help ANYWHERE about this? could anybody help - what am I missing?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI Gaspar30

          Have you tried adjusting the quality setting you find for each individual slide? (Hint 1: Look at the slide properties.) (Hint 2: Note that you may multi-select slides before looking at the properties and change them as a group.)

          I'm not sure if this will get you what you want, but might be worth trying.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            Gaspar30 Level 1
            Thanks so much :) That's what I was missing. Once I changed the individual slide setting to "JPG" quality, then it actually used the percent value that I had typed in the general preferences.. (90%, 80%, etc.) - That's horrible design I think! it should at least tell you that you had to make this change in BOTH places for the number you type in to take effect... Thanks again!