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    Display color management options coming!

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      With IBC going on in Amsterdam, the Adobe DVA (digital video apps) section announced what we're getting in the next version.


      A BIG thing ... finally ... is the ability for the app to work with the system for color management. I don't know any more details than is in the following quote from Patrick Palmer's blog on this, but ... it's movement forward. My system is setup for working with PrPro as it has been, but many aren't, including most 'newer' Macs with the P3 displays and those working in Rec2020.


      So ... from Patrick's blog ...


      Display Color Management

      Display Color Management automatically detects rec709, P3, and rec2020 displays and applies the correct color space for viewing your media. Unless you are using a third-party calibration solution, this feature is recommended for any modern workstations, such as MacBook Pros, iMac Pros, and professional-class Windows machines with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) displays.

      To turn on Display Color Management, choose Preferences > General and check “Enable Display Color Management.” This feature requires GPU acceleration.

      Sounds like it isn't as much controls as I want, but ... is certainly improved from the current situation. We all need to keep pressure on about this getting more user settable options.


      There's other things, changes from audio to mogrts, and the bit about Lumetri finally getting a whole slew of Hue-versus curves is going to help alot.


      Check things out here ...

      Creative Editorial with Faster Workflows | Adobe Blog


      And for those things you want but aren't discussed, and PLEASE! especially for any bugs you've got continuing on, post over on the UserVoice system. They have been working at getting bugs down, killed a bunch with the 12.1.2 release ... but there's still some really painful ones out there. Post them like crazy, ring the QC engineer's systems, and get as many things possible on those collated lists that Upper Managers use when deciding how much engineer's time to give the app.





      Adobe UserVoice Bug /Feature form: https://adobe-video.uservoice.com/forums/911233-premiere-pro

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4

          Thanks for spending the time to post that info to help everyone.

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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's been such a pain ... will be nice to get at least some improvement.



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              rodneyb56060189 Level 4

              Will be interesting what happens. Basically 2 worlds. Apple and PC clone ( Microsoft). Some control over hardware on the one hand, and very little control in the latter. Tons of different hardware configurations and proprietary stuff.

              Like, when GPU stuff with PPro started is was fundamentally Nvidia. That card is now a conglomeration of laptop stuff where you have to go through O.S. mobo internal chip before passing it to an Nvidia chip ( not a real card, but just the chip). So screen controls are all over the map. Some controlled by windows, some by nVidia, some kind of default by PPro ( rec 709 supposedly).


              It's a total mess.


              Those with calibrated monitors will have who knows what happen with this new cool stuff ( yet another layer of uncertainty in this case for calibrated stuff ).


              Luckily most users don't care about any of this because the market is now users of cell phone video and go pro cameras and low end junk.


              I personally think the exodus to resolve is going to continue as it ramps up to be a decent NLE with decent color control you can sorta rely on with calibrated monitors.


              Adobe is too little too late basically, and the thrill of subscription will wear off when other options are available for free.


              Ho Hum, just another dumb opinion ( mine ).


              If it wasn't for a lot of people ( like you ) who help those in need at the forums it would have died out a long time ago.

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                R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't see that much problem adopting the new color managed option they've discussed. It will attempt the same internal transforms Resolve does. And most teaching colorists I know of strongly suggest leaving Resolve in its auto mode unless one has specific needs.


                The main difference is this doesn't yet give us the manual controls if one wants them. My system  ... PC running an Nvidia 1060 GPU and software/puck calibrated on both monitors  ... runs fine with both Resolve on auto and PrPro as-is. Should run fine on the new.


                I expect this will help many of the Mac P3 monitor folks, but we'll have to see how well it works out in The Wild.


                As to your continual comments on the imminent death of PrPro  ... PrPro is currently used rather more widely than that. I don't think any other NLE is that close in daily use. Avid is a specialist in larger Hollywood type production but little general use, and Resolve is still gaining traction as an NLE especially in pro use.


                FCPx is of course totally limited to that less than 10 percent of computers running a Mac OS. And then you have the other boutique or prosumer programs out there.


                With Apple having trouble (and definitely not that much interest) in keeping up with potent desktop computers they're not building market share at all for their hardware which will forever limit FCPx.


                So it really is Avid, PrPro and Resolve.


                Of those the one running the best competition for the market is Resolve. Which is still not nearly as widely known nor used. Avid makes no effort to broaden their base.


                PrPro is in no danger of dying soon. If the upper management starts feeling any financial heat, they have the resources to kick it up quickly if they choose to. I just wish current program management could get a budget bump for a cycle or two to blow off some rust. Their roadmap of choice seems sound enough for PrPro, Ae, and Au.


                But a significant budget bump could get a vast improvement sooner. Which in my 40+ years of being my own business seems like a good thing. But hey, I've never had more than 12 or 14 employees at a time. I ain't no Big Company financial guru. Sigh.



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                  rodneyb56060189 Level 4

                  I'm not only not a guru, I'm more like a worm underground trying to figure out what's going on over my head on the surface.


                  I'm glad you mentioned that 'auto' thing for resolve. I've been on the verge of starting tutorial via manual for a couple weeks, so will remember that.


                  Eyes are getting weird due to reading a lot so I keep putting off getting into the difficult to see UI stuff.


                  One good thing about PPro is that considering the gazillion users there are, very few of them as a percentage end up needing help at the forum to solve software, hardware and management problems. So it is apparently fairly stable and intuitive to use, and the help files seem to be working.