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    Playback Issues With A Specific Project


      Hi All,


      I have an issue with a specific project. The project worked fine for weeks and one day all of a sudden playback froze on a frame when I modified anything with the audio (move audio clips, change volume, etc.) I can change non-audio clips fine, but anytime I change an audio clip even a little bit, the timeline playback freezes on a frame (or goes black).


      Additionally, if I click on footage in my media browser, the clip briefly goes to the source monitor and the entire project crashes.


      Some things I've tried to solve this issue:

      • Clear Media Cache
      • Changed ASIO to MME
      • Put my audio "INPUT" as none
      • Optimized rendering for performance
      • Made RAM reserved for other applications as low possible
      • Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine Software Only
      • ***Additionally, I tried using a previous version of the file (a couple days older than the one that froze). This file also started freezing during playback.


      Note: All other projects in my premiere work fine, but this project does happen to be the largest project I've worked on.