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    Global 'Hide Warning Banners' on Export setting

    WeAreMoose Level 2

      Hey guys,


      Something very embarrassing happened, client aired Ad with 'Analyzing 1/2' Morphcut Warning Banner in the video.

      It was a 2 frame morphcut and I exported the same video 4x and sometimes it's in the renders and sometimes it isn't.


      First of all, thats my mistake, I should have been more careful.


      BUT. There should be a global setting which allows every video which is being exported to be free of said warning banners,


      They shouldn't be on final renders in the first place, what's the benefit? I'd rather have a wonky, unstablized shot as one with a big warning banner AND unstablized.


      This is a feature request, if there is a way to do this, please let me know.


      Many thanks