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    Build tags RH 6 > RH 7

    HKabaker Level 2
      In another thread about project conversion from RH 6 to RH 7, Peter Grainge posed this question:

      "Did you have any conditional tags and did they survive? They seem to in RH7 and confirmation would be useful."


      For several projects I made a backup of the entire project folder, launched RH 7 and opened the xpj file. RH informed me about what would happen, and I said OK.

      Topic-level and text-level build tags survived in the topic code, but not in Project Manager.

      Rather than rebuilding the cpd file, I just created build tags with the same names as in html code carried over from RH 6. On saving the project, RH 7 restored all connections (including color tags) in Project Manager, the Build Tags pod, the files directory and topic Design views.

      Similarly, when I imported a topic with RH 6 build tags, they came through in the code but not in Project Manager unless they were already set up in RH 7. Again, the remedy was to create a "new" build tag in RH 7.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I think that question was relating to deleting the CPD of a RH7 project and then opening the project again, not in relation to an upgrade.

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            HKabaker Level 2

            True. They were deleting and rebuilding the cpd because RH 7 was running slow after converting a project from RH 6, and you were asking whether the new cpd picked up the build tags.

            Since everything in the cosmos has some connection, I wonder if RH 7 runs slow because there are a lot of build tags in the imported code, but they're missing from the cpd until you rebuild it -- if, indeed, the new cpd gets the tags right.

            As always,


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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Just to be sure we are at one on this. I meant the replacement of the first CPD in RH7 with a second RH7 CPD.

              On upgrade the tags do survive. On trashing the CPD after the upgrade, they now seem to come through to the replacement CPD which historically they did not.

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                HKabaker Level 2
                I agree that RH 7 behaves as you say.

                [ I thought I could demonstrate that tags get lost on first conversion to RH 7. It turns out that in a particular project, the tags were no longer in the RH 6 project manager before the conversion. But for some reason they were in topic code as META for a topic, and as conditional text tags. ]

                In RH 7, at least, if you delete a build tag, it is deleted everywhere it had been applied.

                I do have one anomaly to report.

                If you start a project in RH 7, and you import source topics from a RH 6 project with build tags, they do survive in the code. That is, they are not stripped out.
                RH records the incoming tags in the cpd database, in a table that lists build tags, and in another that lists topics and their properties.

                However, the project manager doesn't show them until you re-create the incoming tags.

                Oddly, incoming text-level conditional areas are shaded in the RH 7 topics, if you have that option selected. If you have that column showing in the topics pod, they are listed even when the build tags pod doesn't show them.


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                  Gravenstein Level 2
                  Further to the anomaly Harvey reports, I've seen this additional wrinkle: if an imported topic contains a build tag that is not defined in the project--and the build tag remains undefined in the project--then strange things can happen to that build tag. I don't know what triggers this event but the build tag that comes in as, say, MYTAG eventually over time morphs into MYTAG;MYTAG;MYTAG;MYTAG;... The number of instances is variable, and as I said, I don't know what triggers the repetition.

                  I've seen this in X5 and RH6. Don't know about RH7.

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                    HKabaker Level 2

                    Thanks for this tidbit. I've had it and wondered why. One topic had 10 or so repetitions. The topic record in the cpd database corresponded with what was in the topic.

                    Haven't seen it in RH 7.