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    Faster way to scrub quickly in the timeline ?

    Redcritimo Level 1



      I mostly edit quickly by clicking on the playhead and moving it around fast in order to accelerate my editing process. The problem is that it is really time consuming to always be looking for the playhead and move it around,


      I would like to find a way to make this process faster and I can think of two solutions :


      - Find a way to not have to click on the tiny playhead to scrub around and be able to click anywhere ?

      - Find a way to use the mouse wheel to go forward or backward quickly ? (I know it can be done if my mouse is on the progam monitor, but it is too slow, only one frame at a time, it there would be a way to have 10 frame move for every time you scroll the wheel, that would be perfect)

      - Another way that i did not think of ?


      I mostly edit without audio, that's why I really don't need to review my footage at a normal playback speed.