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    Publishing in Korean (RH 5)

      We are publishing webhelp in Korean, and though it generates fine on the translators computer, when we go to view it on the server, it's all blocks and quote marks. We have previously published in Japanese and Chinese with no problems, and no need to install special language packs, so we figured Korean would work as well, but no dice. Is there something special we have to do in, say, RoboEngine, to make this work? (We have RH version 5.)
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I'd be very surprised if you published RH output in Japanese or Chinese using RHX5 as it didn't support this. Maybe your translators tweaked the RH output?
          Anyway RoboHelp Server 7 (formally RoboEngine) will help you but you'd have to upgrade your RHX5 licences to RH7 and buy RH Server 7. Both these products support unicode characters.
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            Joyeuse13 Level 1
            We do have complete output in Japanese and Chinese, though not the TOC or glossary. We tried it one day, despite numerous warnings that it wouldn't work, and lo, it did. So we figured Korean wouldn't be a problem either. The translators know even less about Roboengine than I do, and only as much about RH as they need to type over the English, so I know they didn't do anything tricky. It's possible the developer in charge of publishing did, but it was so long ago, no one remembers. And we can't upgrade, bc after this year we won't be using RH anymore; but meanwhile, we need the Korean. :P
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              I'm not doubting you have output in Japenese. What I am doubting is that you used RHX5 to produce it. Would it have been produced using an earlier RH version - e.g. X3 which does support far eastern languages? This may be the case if it was produced a long time ago.
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                Joyeuse13 Level 1
                I was there when we bought it. It is definitely version 5.
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                  Cro1410 Level 1
                  There is a workaround to include topics with unicode characters for X5 and RH6. As Column mentionned, X5 and RH6 do not support unicode characters (I've tried many times and it does not work). I've tried and tested this process in Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean and it never failed me yet (however it is pretty lengthy)

                  The idea is to create your topics (using RH or another html editor) and instead of placing them where you would normally (i.e. in the Html Files pseudo folder), add them to the project as a Baggage file.
                  Then create empty topics that either redirect to the baggage files or create and Iframe in the topic displaying the content of a baggage file.
                  Using this technic allows you to create CSH but you may not use topic level conditional build tags or variables.

                  Hope this helps,