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    accidentally allowed a signature check/update to run automatically and now I don't know how to remove it


      I use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to grade student tests.  Students upload all pages as one pdf document in our LMS.  I then, download, open in Adobe DC Pro, edit/grade, save, and attach graded tests for my online students to see their mistakes.  I have always been able to "edit" their pdf upload and make corrections without a problem.  This year I am requiring an instructions page to be included with a parent signature (whether hand written or typed) and that is the first page (of usually 3 in the pdf).  Today when I opened a student's test, there was a pop up that asked me to automatically allow something (I can't recall exactly) with the signature, and I checked "yes" and "run automatically".  The problem is now I can't edit/grade the test, since it recognized a signature, and I can't make changes.  How do I change my settings to go back to what I had before?