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    A low-level exception occurred in: Importer MPEG (importer:39)

    coryw9157581 Level 1

      When I go to edit a video and I'm working on the project on my desktop I have no issues but when I go to use my laptop and I open the same project I get maybe half the files that are fine and the other half that get the error above.  The laptop is brand new running an i8750H, 32gb ram, 1070 graphics card.  The desktop has an i7700, 16 gb ram, and a 1080 for a graphics card. 


      I know I can go and change the file names to .MT2S and the place it in the timeline and it is fine but I'm wasting a lot of my time doing that.


      To me this needs to be addressed because otherwise I'm just wasting a lot of my time.  I am on the newest version of Premiere 12.1.2 as of 9-19-18.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you