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    Moving files and folders to NAS drive from within Lightroom


      I have a NAS drive, shared to my MAC.  I am able to write files to the drive outside of Lightroom.  However, when I try and move files to the NAS folder from within Lightroom, it copies the folder hierarchy but not the actual files.


      I am trying to move my archive files from the local drive to the NAS drive for space optimisation etc.  This is best done within Lightroom itself, so that the catalog is maintained accurately.


      I know that I can move the folders/files from within Finder, and then find folder from within Lightroom agin, but I shouldn't need to do that.


      The NAS drive is shared from a Synology DS918+, and I have read/write access to the drive outside of Lightroom.


      However, if I 'Get Info' from within Lightroom, it states the following permissions:

      (unknown) - Read/Write

      everyone - No Access


      Any thoughts?


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