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    Searching For A Keyboard Shortcut


      I've been scouring the web for a solution, and maybe there isn't one, but wanted to check.


      I use Premiere to manually grab in and out times for subclips for syndicated television shows.

      I achieve this by loading the video, letting the audio peaks conform, and then manually moving my

      progress bar to the beginning of the audio wave, write down the time code, and then jump to the end of

      the audio wave, and write down the time code.

      This is a very easy, but time consuming process.

      I was hoping there was a way to just "jump to" when the audio waves beginning and end points with a keyboard stroke.


      Not sure if this is possible, and again, my manual method isn't the end of the world, but who doesn't like speeding up their

      drone work?


      I've been told this is able to be done in Final Cut, but not sure.