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    LR Deleting Files While Editing


      Hi Everyone


      I've been using lightroom for a few years now. I usually will go through my photos and rate them. Then go through a second time to edit the ones I've chosen.


      I noticed a few days ago I started editing this photo that suddenly came up with "The file could not be found". I thought this was strange and checked my folder. Indeed the photo no longer existed. I thought maybe I had made a mistake and decided to delete the photo (although I don't normally do this). It was when this exact some thing happened today where I started editing a photo and then suddenly it prompted "The file could not be found". I doubled checked the folder and that one specific photo has disappeared.


      The rest of the photos are fine and all located on my internal HDD. I'm afraid to edit any more photos as I don't have a backup (I'm currently travelling and don't have an extra HDD).


      I wanted to know if anyone else has seen this issue. If it's a bug, it's a pretty serious one. If it's just me than maybe it's just something special with me or my installation.


      Currently running LR Classic 7.5 on Windows 10 editing RAW photos.


      Best Regards