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    Titling...do you do it in PP or AE?

    Randune23 Level 1

      I have been using the Adobe Video production suite (PP, AE, and Encore) for creating videos for the last 10+ years.  Typically I build and edit the overall composition, sequences, and chapters in PP.  Then I export the video out of PP and import it into AE to apply motion graphics and titles.  I did this b/c earlier versions of titles in PP did not have the same quality as the ones I created in AE.


      I just watched a tutorial on YouTube from Shutterstock in creating lower thirds animated text in PP and the quality is amazing.  Additionally, you can actually render the titles in PP much faster than in AE.  I am new to the whole Essential Graphics panel and it looks like I need to do some research on this feature in PP.


      So in which program do you insert your titles onto your videos...PP or AE?  It seems that there are more effects and presets you can add to the titles if you create your titles in AE that are not available in PP.




      PS The YouTube video is called, "15 FREE ANIMATED LOWER THIRDS For Premiere (How To Use) | Free Assets and Elements" and I highly recommend it for those who need just a little help in titling.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It ... depends.


          Now, you knew that was coming, right?



          Ae is the Heavy Lifter for creating mogrts ... the motion graphics templates. You have far more effects available and can build more complex mogrts there, including set what the editors in PrPro can change and how they do so.


          You can create complex graphics with the EGP in PrPro especially after learning about how it works ... which is often not obvious. You can export the graphic as a mogrt & share ... but ... every aspect of that mogrt is then settable by any editor working with it. If say you're in a company with three specific colors approved for company logos/grounds whatever, you can control that within the mogrt so the PrPro user can't use a non-approved color.


          Kevin Monahan, Product Support Manager (and long experienced pro editor/colorist prior to his Adobe days) posted how to even use Adjustment Layers in a mogrt made in PrPro yesterday, as part of this thread: Re: Adjustment Layer and Essential Graphics


          So ... depending on what you want to do, how complex, and whether you want the user to be able to change everything or not, well ... Ae or PrPro might be the better choice.

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            Randune23 Level 1

            That actually made me LOL!!!  "It...depends"


            To give you a little background on my use of titles.  I have been creating family videos since 2000.  These videos are a compilation of photos and videos taken throughout the year.  I create sequences such as Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and then for each individual sports my children play in (soccer, golf, volleyball, & basketball) get their own sequence.  Then I find music in my iTunes account from that same year.  I select a song and then edit the slideshow or video show with the music in the background.  Originally, I would create the song title and artist in the lower thirds when the song began in AE.  However, the more I have learned about titles and what amazing things you can create or templates you can use, it has elevated my creative side.


            But being a creature of habit, I would create the sequence in PrPro with music and export the media.  Then I would import the video into After Effects and add the titles and effects.  I love using the Titler in PrPro b/c you can download so many great libraries out there that look so amazing (movie titling library, for instance, makes your video look like it's been done by a professional).  I will have to learn some more about what options are available in PrPro.


            I will take a look at the link you sent.


            Thank you so very much,



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              MyerPj Level 3

              I like creating them in AE, great options in there.


              You can put each title in a comp and then import that comp into PP. Have them both open and you can make changes in AE and they show right away in PP, you don't have to even save in AE and the changes appear. Or simply save in AE.


              Then you get a bunch of good effects for text built into AE plus of course all kinds of templates available...

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                Randune23 Level 1

                I’ll have to try that on my next video. There are many cool text presets in PP but being able to open a PP project in AE and vice versa gives great flexibility. Thanks for the insight.