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    Stroke color of line in LineChart

      How to change the color of line in line chart, from ActionScipt???

      I've found an example of how to change the stroke of horizontal or vertical axis, but I just can't find anything clear, how to change the chart line!!!! There are many, many properties, but none of them is right.
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          hi...i assume you are looking for something along the lines of this:
          <mx:LineSeries name="gh" dataProvider="{goalArr}" id="gh" xField="time" yField="achieved" displayName="Achieved" filters="shff" styleName="line"
          <mx:Stroke color="#84A475" weight="1"/>
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            Is it possible to set only the line weight but not the color?
            When i try to set only the weight and not set the color, then i get
            all black colors.

            What i am expecting is, let the flex assign default colors but with a
            line weight that i specify.

            any help?
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              I want to change the areaStroke and areaFill of an AreaSeries object, but maintaining the default assigned colors. I´ve tried to the method getStyle("areaStroke") but it returns null. Where Flex sets the default colors? Isn't there anyways to maintain the default colors but change the style, gamma, weight, etc...
              It would be great to do this with LineSeries and other types of series.