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    Lightroom 7.5 goes into import

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      I leave lightroom up on my computer when I'm not using it.  The computer goes to sleep and the lock screen is up. When I unlock it Lightroom is always in Import mode, which I have to Cancel.  I hadn't seen this behavior before.   Is this "Works as Designed" or a bug?  If the former, how can I prevent it?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I know this isn't a real solution. But years ago I used to have my computer configured to go to sleep. When I left Lightroom active I always encountered problems when the computer went to sleep. My solution was to not let my computer go to sleep AND never leave Lightroom open when I'm not using it. That's not what you want to do, I know. But it solved all the problems for me. I don't know that this is a Lightroom problem in particular. It just might be an anomaly with the OS.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Check that you have the box unchecked for this option in Lr Preferences/General-


            It is possible that when your system re-awakens from 'sleep' that a USB stick, or a USB external Drive, is being recognized by Lr as a 'memory card' location for Import.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              To build on WobertC's reply, Windows LR will open the Import window whenever a new drive letter is defined. This happens when you insert a USB drive, but there are also numerous programs and utilities that create "virtual" drives with drive letters (e.g. for cloud syncing).  Perhaps you've got one running in the background doing this.  You could open File Explorer and try to catch the program in the act of creating the drive letter.  But if the program creates the drive letter and then deassigns it while you're away, you'll see LR's Import window open but no sign of the triggering drive letter in File Explorer.

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