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    Import creates duplicate year folder


      Using LR Classic CC on an iMac.


      After the most recent software update, I imported some photos, and LR created a duplicate 2018 folder, then placed the new photos within folders inside the new 2018 folder. The previous routine had been to just use the already existing 2018 folder and place the new photos there. Screen shot attached. The first 2018 folder is the new one, the second 2018 folder is the old one. Two questions: 1. How do I combine the two folders? Can I just move them here within LR? 2. How do I stop this from happening in the future?

      Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.58.21 PM.png

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          This looks like the 'capitalisation problem'. I don't know a way to prevent this from happening again, but the way to solve it for now is as follows:


          1. Backup your catalog.

          2. Create a folder directly on the root of your internal hard drive, call it whatever you want, say "Capitals Fix". Note: do this in Macintosh Finder, not in Lightroom.

          3. Right-click on the new “2018” folder in the Lightroom Folders Panel and select "Update Folder Location". In the file browser that then opens, browse to and select the "Capitals Fix" folder.

          4. Don't be alarmed as the new ‘2018’ folder will disappear from the Folders Panel, "Capitals Fix" will appear but all the sub-folders that were listed under the new ‘2018’ will now have "?" marks.

          5. Now right-click on "Capitals Fix" in the Folders Panel, and again choose"Update Folder Location". This time browse to and select the “2018” folder on your disk. You will get a "Merge" dialog box, select "Merge" and everything should resolve itself.