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    Adobe hacked?

    Dezignamo123 Level 1

      The same day I purchased a single Creative Suite license - my credit card was charged for 12 Photoshop and 18 Acrobat licenses from a guy I have never heard of with a different name and email address I do NOT have registered with my Adobe account. So this guy can use my credit card (my credit card has my female name) without any additional secure confirmation from Adobe (like my Adobe username and password...or maybe he had that too? They are being very vague.). But they won't refund ME my $677.60 without a confirmation email from his user id?!? Even though I can give them all my credit card info, my Adobe username and am adamant that I did not make this purchase. And it's obvious because I only have a single license purchased on the same day. They just want to keep their profit from these fraudulent 30 licenses. The tech support guy said he would "CC" me on the email they will be sending this guy "asking him if he used my credit card without my permission". Ha! I said please "BCC" me on that email as you would be giving him even MORE of my information to this criminal. I have NEVER had ANY fraudulent charges on this credit card. And still have not after 1 month after this fraudulent charge. And since I do not want to pay this fraudulent $677.70 charge I had to cancel my credit card and wait for a new one. What a hassle! Of course Adobe will never admit this is their problem with lax security and NO real protocol for secure purchases other than providing basic credit card info. I have been using Adobe products since 1987. But they don't care enough about customers like me to put secure processes in place. Profit is their focus.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          Dezignamo123  wrote


          The same day I purchased a single Creative Suite license

          from who | where?

          I would assume you used some 3rd party reseller but you don't say


          p.s, the rules for fraud refunds are different from one country to the next... in Australia you contact your card bank first, then Adobe and then the Ombusmen {yes e is correct in Australia}

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            Dezignamo123 Level 1

            I purchased directly from Adobe Systems, Inc. Not a 3rd party.


            Yes, I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one issued (even though that was the ONLY fraudulent charge before or since - it's been a month now since the charge). But that just sweeps the original problem under the rug and Adobe can pretend their customers are not vulnerable to this fraudulent problems because Adobe does not have a second tier of security in place when purchasing their products.


            I've experienced credit card fraud in the distant past - but it was someone who stole my information and purchased products from products/places/locations I never used. This Adobe incident was too coincidental. Same company. Same day. No additional charges from other vendors since.

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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

              I don't disagree with you except that this is the lounge forum and no body in here can fix the issue


              second tier of security is not a 100% fix against fraud... it doesn't even work correct in Australia which is why I don't use it

              your bank will give you a new card and your money back... if not take the next step up with whatever passes for Ombusmen, thats really all anyone can do for you

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                Dezignamo123 Level 1

                Exactly. Nothing is guaranteed. But with so many security breeches - companies must be responsible ad make some effort to protect their customers' financial information. Even I understand it makes it slightly more difficult if there are additional security measures in places other than just accepting credit card numbers and expiration dates from a guy with a different name, address and email of the woman's name (me in this case...) and info associated with the credit card and on the Adobe account. Yes, I will receive a refund (a small $ number compared to Adobe's overall profits). But I feel obligated to alert potential victims (any Adobe customer). I cannot stand by and be silent. Something more than what Adobe has demonstrated.

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                  maryr18 Level 1

                  I'm so glad to see this post.  I too had a fraudulent charge on my bank account just a few days after signing up for Creative Cloud on the Adobe site.  I got my money back from the bank after filing a fraudulent charge claim and cancelling my card, but what a hassle.



                  Makes me wonder...

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                    J Cochran Level 1

                    My bank stopped my payment to Adobe because my business account card was hacked. I shifted the account over to my personal account, and the next day (today) it was hacked too. Adobe, I think you have a big problem.