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    Context.txt file is corrupted when edited

      I'm using the Robohelp HTML 7 as part of the technical communication suite and am using source files produced in Robohelp 5. Windows XP OS. When I edit my What's this file, context.txt, and make changes to it, I receive the error message "This file may be an invalid Text-Only Topic file. Any data contained in this file may be lost. Would you like to continue?" If I continue, I am losing parts of the file. Is this a bug? Any help would be really appreciated as I'm up against a deadline and just noticed the problem.
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          I asked the same question about two months ago. And with input from others and my own research, we found RH7 has a bug that will corrupt your .txt file. I reported the bug to Adobe.

          I have a Word document that describes the problem and a workaround. This forum doesn't allow attachments. Send an email to shaun.mclaughlin@entrust.com, and I'll send you (or anyone) a copy.