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    Plural Eyes on PP CC v12.1


      This will most likely be a Plural Eyes issue, but, it's 3:54AM and can't reach anyone at Red Giant until after 7AM, if I'm very lucky.


      For 3 weeks now, have used Plural Eyes 4 (on  2017 iMac) to sync 10 lockdown cameras to a master audio track for a talk show.

      It has been a great thing, since there are all kinds of drift and sync issues with these crappy AVCHD cameras.

      However, when I went to sync my timeline tonight, I received an error code.


      There is a problem with the sequence; try "Open in Plural Eyes..." to learn more.

      When I do so I get: Unable to Import, Check the Plural Eyes 4 log file for details. Error details: error file does not exist.


      Hmmm. So

      I've tried the reboots, I've uninstalled and reinstalled Plural Eyes.

      (Plural Eyes offered a 90 day trial on Plural Eyes Universe, a set of transitions/effects, and I uninstalled those).

      I've cleared some additional memory space (even though that shouldn't effect anything)

      I've checked the sequence from last weeks show and all is identical as can be.


      So, what the heck is happening. And, of course, I'm stopped in my tracks until this is resolved.


      Anyway, if a PP user has run into this and happens to be editing at this ludicrous hour and may know a solution before I can contact Red Giant,

      well, that would be miraculous!


      John Watts

      macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

      4ghz intel core i7

      32 GB ddr3

      AMD Radeon R9 4096 MB