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    Flex Builder 2 Comments

      Hi all, I just have to make a few comments on the release of Flex Builder 2. I know going from design oriented apps to dev centered environments can sometimes be a tricky jump, but Flex is getting pretty frustrating. How are we supposed to learn this stuff if the documentation is slapped together from various sources? Eclipse docs etc. How are we supposed to analyse and see code working when it generates errors after cutting and pasting from the help doc, verbatim. Tutorials that don't work using code from the betas etc.
      It seems like the simple stuff is covered and the advanced scripting also, but all I hear on the intermediate level is crickets chirping.
      C'mon guys! This is supposed to be final release, I'm just attempting to manipulate data from an XML file and I know I'll eventually get my head around it, it'd just be nice to see more working examples that go through sorting, filtering etc. I've always had the problem of code examples that aren't shown to be in full working examples, just code snippets. Being a non-coder, this is how we learn. I'm sure the support will get better as the developer base grows. I guess this is what we have to expect from Macrodobe, that and how wonderful the PDF format is. Thanks for the opportunity to rant.
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          jrunrandy Adobe Employee
          I'm sorry to hear that you're running into problems with code in the docs.If you find any more, please post them to the corresponding LiveDocs page.

          We provide more than just docs, though. Have you looked at the Quick Starts and sample applications running on the DevCenter? They might have what you're looking for. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/

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            Richard_Hughes Level 1
            Yes, I have and I have calmed down a little. I have completed the tutorials and quick starts and examined the source on the sample apps. I guess I am just confused (and I'll post specifically to the correct area) about pulling data from an XML file and filtering/sorting. Flex Builder 2 seems to automate a lot of processes, and from a designers perspective I am excited about creating new kinds of apps. It just seems to get overcomplicated, probably more than it should, when manipulating external data. Not coming from a developer background it would be nice to see some components that simplify this as a lot of us are "cut & paste" coders and not familiar with classes, OOP and the correct syntax to use in the programming. Thanks for the reply, and I'll keep plugging on.

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              ntsiii Level 3
              Data access has always been one of the most difficult things to do in Flex. This is in large part because Flex intentionally does not do any server-side work at all (excluding FDS). Instead, it is designed to work with very many server-side data sources. The cost of flexibility is complexity.

              On reason examples are hard to find is that there are a huge number of combinations of transfer protocols and server environments available. an HTTPService example using JSP will not help someone who wants to use ASP.NET webservices.

              Unless you have some good reason not to, I strongly advise using HTTPService. I have an example that uses JSP (also soon aspx) and HTTPService and Flex 2.0 (or 1.5) to retrieve an xml file from the server, display it edit it and save it back to the server.

              Send me an email if you want a copy.