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    slider to control audio playback

    waterfall_zen Level 1
      I have voiceover sync'd with graphics across 900 frames. I want to create a draggable playback head so a user can jump to a different position and play.

      I have:

      on (press) {
      this.startDrag(false,198,this._y,355,this._y);//198 the left end, 355 the righ end of the slider

      on (release) {
      headerLoc = dragger._x;//dragger the instanace for the play head
      currentLoc = headerLoc-198;
      scale = 900/(355-198);
      whichFrameToGo = currentLoc*scale;

      the dragging part works but it does not know which frame to go after releasing mouse. I traced the result, it gives undefined and NaN on different values.

      What is wrong with the script?

      Thanks for the help,