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    Backup Help Please

    ransomwy Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm wondering if any one can explain to me, or link to an explanation of the best way to backup just new images in my Lightroom library?


      I have an external hard drive that I use currently to store backups of my image files.  My current mode of operation is to just copy the most current year file of images from my computer to the external HD a few times a year.  I know, not optimal......


      I'm assuming there is a more graceful way to execute this operation?  Is there a way say "Hey Adobe, I would like you to go ahead and make a copy of just the new images since by last backup, and I would like you to put them in this folder on my external hard drive"?


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          kentdesign Adobe Community Professional


          Are you talking about backing up the photo files themselves or backing up the Lightroom Library catalog...not sure I understood the question!


          Do you mean "back Up" image files  - which is like duplicating the files on another drive?

          (note: you should have at least 2 (preferably more) copies of all your photo files (images files) on different drives at all times! One location is the one you are working with, one location is the "BackUP" and the 3rd is the "BackUP Insurance!")


          Or do you mean "moving" the photo files themselves from your main drive to another drive when you are done working on them?

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            As part of the import process, there is an option to make a second copy. But the task of backing up your images is left to your responsibility. Lightroom has a built-in process to back up the catalog, but there is no provision for backing up your images other than that option provided during import.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should look at synchronization software, which will copy new and modified files only. Most of them are very flexible and can be set up to cover any desired scenario, automatically or manually.


              Typical price range is around $50.


              Microsoft has a free utility called SyncToy, which despite the name is very reliable and efficient. Unfortunately they sort of stopped developing it, so in Windows 10 it only works if you enable .NET 3.5 (which you can do in Programs and Features).

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                ransomwy Level 1

                Hi kentdesign,


                Yes, I was referring to backing up the photo files themselves. 


                Looks like there are a couple different good ideas here.







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                  ransomwy Level 1



                  Thank you for that information. Just what I needed to know!

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                    ransomwy Level 1

                    Hi D Fosse,


                    I guess that's kinda like what I have going on with my Time Machine for Mac. 


                    It's seems to get the job done, so I guess I'll stick with it.


                    Thanks for the info!

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                      kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

                      If you are on a Mac, I can recommend BackUp software  I use both and both are excellent:

                      Carbon Copy Cloner Mac Backup Software | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software

                      and also

                      Personal BackUP which is a part of Intego MacPremiumBundle X9   Intego - Mac Security and Antivirus Software for Mac OS X


                      I have my photos files on an external drive, and back up that external drive to two separate external drives.


                      For both Mac and PC, I recommend leaving one back up near your work station, and backing it up on a regular schedule (both software apps let you do this easily.

                      I recommend keeping the third drive at a separate location such as a safety deposit box, mother's house, or somewhere off site.

                      Swap that 2nd one with the 3rd one on some sort of schedule - one a month for example.  That way, you always have two ext drives with your photos at your site - in case one were to fail for any reason. And you have one off site in case you had some disaster or theft at your site! Redundancy is good!

                      The 3-2-1 rule:

                      3 separate drives - 2-locations - 1 drive with photo files

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                        rafaeld40474899 Level 1

                        And for further security, consider keeping a copy on the other side of the continent. Hurricane Katrina destroyed entire communities/neighborhoods.

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                          ransomwy Level 1

                          Thank you kentdesign, I will check that out for sure!

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                            kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

                            Glad to be of help! Please come back to the forums when you need to.

                            That is what these forums are about.

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                              JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

                              For an iMac I use SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket:


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                                Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

                                Make a Second Copy came up in this discussion, so I'll just say that for your main backup of photos, I wouldn't suggest relying on this option in Import, as you'll find that the backups do not replicate your folder structure. Instead the files go in "Imported on XX..." folders. This makes it very difficult to use these to restore from following a hard drive crash. In addition, If you're saving metadata to files (writing to XMP), the metadata doesn't make it to these. Instead, use one of the many good ideas here for backup/sync software to back up all your user files, including photos and catalog, to another drive, preferably two, and also to the cloud. (I use Backblaze for the latter.)


                                Make a Second Copy is good for storing an archive copy of your original files (at the time of import) so that if one of your master files becomes corrupted, you can retrieve a replacement.

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                                  kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

                                  I personally use Laura SHoe's training. SHe's a great educator.

                                  I never use "Make a Second Copy" on the Import because it keeps the original files and I generally change the files to DNG and/or change the file names when I import and as Laura said, Make a Second Copy, only archives the original files.