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    Numbering pages in a chapter




      I would like to edit a file with this criteria:


      1) consecutive page numbering in the bottom of the page.




      2) on each chapter i need a line of text following an index structure such as:


           Chapter Number) Chapter Name / Subitem name / Page 1 of XX

          Ex.  1) Chapter Name / Subitem Name / Page 1 of 36


      And the page numbering follow the number of the pages of that chapter, independently of the global page number.


      Do anyone know how that can be achieved?

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          selvam214 Level 1


          Kindly check the concept is working for you,



          • Start to travel with pages from 1.
          • Collect the page count from 1st chapter to 2nd chapter (example: pages 1-51)
          • Increase the page count from beggining of the chapter 1 and place your details in every pages
          • Then go to 2nd chapter and collect total page count upto 3rd chpater and follow the same


          Total page count method:

          • Find every pages/frame's first paragraph style is 'Chapter Number' and collect the incremental count (p++). Push the count with chapter details in array
          • Comeback to the chapter 1, insert a frame and place those details from array into the text frame.