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    Quicktime crashes

      I dusted off my copy of MX2004 (Win XP) recently to tweak a project, and neither the authoring environment nor the CD as mastered would work anymore, crashing as soon as Quicktime movie was displayed. In fact, with a new project open Director would crash just bringing up the Quicktime window. I figured something else in my system was screwed so I bit the bullet and did a clean install of XP, layered on the relevant mobo and video drivers, and then put the latest Quicktime 7.41 and MX 2004, plus the authoring update back on. Still no joy.

      So I lowered the hardware acceleration settings for video, and lo and behold, I got it running. Director won't display Quicktime video anymore unless hardware acceleration is 2 stops short of completely disabled. No idea what has changed to do this, as it was running fine last year, on the same hardware. Perhaps my nVidia video drivers are to blame, but it was quite disconcerting. Anyone else had this issue?

      Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm a fan of Director, still, tho I code in Flash / Flex now.