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    Scrolling doesn't work in Loupe view, But problem is only in import Module


      Hi, I found this problem and its really frustrating, i seem to be unable to scroll to the next image when i'm trying to select photos in the import module, i run a macbook Pro 13 inch no touchbar, with a targus am580 mouse, i tried many other mouses, at least 12, and all seem to not work, scrolling works in the library module and in all grid view modes, i tried this on my desktop and all mouses work in the import module, leading me to believe this is a problem with the mac version of lightroom, im running the latest version of Lightroom classic CC, if anyone has a solution please help, i have tried to uninstall, reset settings and all, but it just seems to not work.



      I tried a mac specific mouse and the problem is still there.