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    ColdFusion 8: .NET integration issue

      I have problem with ColdFusion .NET integration.
      I installed CF 8 server on my computer (Windows Vista, CF8 Version 8,0,1,195765, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, server: C:/ColdFusion8/, sites: C:/ColdFusiion8/wwwroot). All was OK and the test script was working fine.
      I copyed this file on server (Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2, CF8 Version 8,0,1,195765, server: C:/ColdFusion8/, sites: D:/wwwroot) and installed .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and ColdFusion .NET integration service........
      I am getting the below error:

      Class System.IO.DriveInfo not found in the specified assembly list.
      The assembly that contains the class must be provided to the assembly attribute.

      I can't configure Windows Server. Please do provide a solution for this
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          JR "Bob" Dobbs-qSBHQ2 Level 3
          What are the contents of "this file" and its dependencies?
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            lukN Level 1
            This is script for generate string (access key for program). I must connect to C# class (dll files). (On my computer all is ok)
            But first I want to test .NET integration on my server.I had implemented simple script (display all drives info from computer: use System.IO.DriveInfo .NET class). (but none of them works on the server).

            Content of "this test file":

            <cfset result=QueryNew("name,type,isready,format,label,totalsize,freespace"
            <!--- Create a .NET System.IO.DriveInfo object. --->
            <cfobject type=".NET" name="sidiClass" class="System.IO.DriveInfo">
            <!--- Get the drives. --->
            <cfset drives=sidiClass.GetDrives()>
            <!--- Loop through drives. --->
            <cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(drives)#" index="i">
            <!--- Add a row to the query.--->
            <cfset QueryAddRow(result)>
            <!--- Get the drive name, type, and ready flag. --->
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "name", drives .Get_Name())>
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "type",
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "isready", drives .Get_IsReady())>
            <!--- Get extra details ONLY if the drive is ready. --->
            <cfif drives
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "format", drives .Get_DriveFormat())>
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "label", drives
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "totalsize", drives .Get_TotalSize())>
            <cfset QuerySetCell(result, "freespace",
            <cfdump var="#result#">
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              JR "Bob" Dobbs-qSBHQ2 Level 3
              Some things to check or try

              1. Permissions, verify that the account the ColdFusion services run as have permissions to the files and directories containing the .NET framework.

              2. Paths. I notice that your production server has web code on a different drive. You might try using the assembly attribute of cfobject to specify the full path to the DriveInfo class. I realize that since it is part of the global assembly cache this shouldn't be required, but I would try it.
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                lukN Level 1
                I tryed it and nothing....
                ColdFusion server and ColdFusion .NET integration services launched with administrator permissions.
                I tryed connect to another class, connected to dll and exe files with .NET class.

                Even, I tryed install ColdFusion on another computer and all was OK only on my server is something wrong. (I can't reinstall ColdFusion on the server).
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                  When you installed the .NET framework on the new server, was there already an earlier version of the .NET framework on the server? Also did you install the CF/.NET integration service before or after installing .NET v. 3.5? I ran into this problem before on a server that had the .NET integration service installed and .NET framework v 2.0...upgrading the .NET version to 3.5 caused the problem, since the ColdFusion .NET integration service had configured itself to use the earlier version of the .NET framework. Uninstalling and then reinstalling ColdFusion .NET integration service fixed the problem in my case.