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    Preset issue

    magicgenie Level 1

      LR 7.5 Classic


      I'm unable to see Presets in LR to use after adding and closing and re-opening LR, this is the file name Pretty FILM Bohemian - Serendipity.xmp


      Can anyone advise?Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 8.16.10 AM.png

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Initial troubleshooting steps:


          1. Do Help > System Info to verify the version of LR you're running. If it's not 7.5, then do Help > Updates to update, and then do Help > System Info the update actually succeeded (sometimes it doesn't).  Versions 7.3 and 7.4 had many bugs with presets.


          2. Make sure you're editing a raw file. If a preset includes certain types of raw profiles, it will only be displayed in the Presets panel when editing a raw. A bug in LR 7.3 and 7.4 caused presets you created to often include profiles by accident.


          3. Expand every preset group (folder) in the Presets panel to see if it contains your preset.  The group of a preset is stored within the preset itself -- it doesn't matter which subfolder in CameraRaw/Settings the preset is stored in. 


          4. The .xmp might be a profile rather than a preset. Rather than manually placing the .xmp file in a folder, import it using the Import Presets command:

          If the .xmp file is a profile, it will show up in the profile browser instead of in Presets. To open the profile browser:

          Be sure to expand and look in every group in the profile browser.


          5. If those steps don't help, copy the first 10 lines of Help > System Info here.

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            magicgenie Level 1

            Thank you John.


            Lightroom Classic version: 7.5 [ 1186149 ]

            License: Creative Cloud

            Language setting: en-AE

            Operating system: Mac OS 10

            Version: 10.13.6 [17G65]

            Application architecture: x64

            Logical processor count: 8

            Processor speed: 4.0 GHz

            Built-in memory: 16,384.0 MB

            Real memory available to Lightroom: 16,384.0 MB

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Help > System Info verifies you haven't been struck by the nasty upgrade bug.


              So steps 1-4 didn't help?

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                magicgenie Level 1

                So steps 1-4 didn't help?

                Correct :-( Any thoughts? I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  Upload the preset to Dropbox or similar and post the sharing link here.  We can see if it imports properly into other LR configurations.

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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                    Being curious- I tried to install:

                    No Problems!

                    Click the + on the Preset panel header,

                    Select [Import]

                    Navigate to the file extracted from the ZIP (in my Windows Downloads folder) and select the .xmp

                    Click on [Import]


                    But the Preset was placed in a Group called "Bohemian"


                    (I have not purchased so I will delete the preset and file from my system)


                    Edit: I notice that the Preset NAME in the panel has changed the dash [ - ] into a [ | ],  so the OP might be struggling with illegal characters internally in the Preset file. (which I know little about- I defer to John Ellis!)

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                      magicgenie Level 1

                      I see it, now yes. Many thanks for the help everyone.