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      so basically my Mac has been running slow for about a month so I toke it to apple and checked everything and could see adobe was trying to run tasks in the background which were slowing my Mac down as they were failing to whatever it wanted to do ! when I'm using premier pro it is so slow it is virtually unusable, if I'm colour grading something real time it will take up to 15 seconds to change the image to what I have changed and sometimes even longer !

      ive had premier pro for 6 months and never had a problem !

      I have called adobe about this, in the first instance the guy tried closing down all tasks run by adobe in my activity log but premier pro was still running slow. that call got discounected and even though I was still talking to him through screen mirroring he said he was unable to call me back and that I had to call through to someone else. The second call when I got through the guy got up on my screen the system requirements and was telling me all my problems are because I have only 8gb of ram and not 16 ! like seriously ive been running it fine for 5 month dude all of a sudden I now need 16 make any use of this at all ?!? he would not listen to anything that I said so in the ens I hung up on him ! I tried to call back to make a complaint only to be told "you don't have a complaint sir you have a technical issue" -_- Jesus man I know I do ! but my complaint is with the level of service I received over the phone and the fact I'm paying £20 for adobe to make my Mac unusable !


      im running a late 2015 iMac, 8gb ram, 1tb hardrive, 1.6 GHz intel core i5, 4k res.


      Don't know what to do really? my time is money and I can't afford to waste more time on the phone to get no where or even run my Mac with premier pro on it at all, I would just switch back to final cut but I can't edit 4.6k dng files on there without converting and squashing them, which is obviously not I want.


      some of that may have been irrelevant but I am not happy guys !

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          Have you recently added any plugins to Premiere? I've found that plugins can really slow down performance for me. (Like Frame.io or REDGiant)


          Another thing you could try is to the global effects mute during playback. Especially with 4K video files.


          Click the plus symbol in your program window to add the icon for the "global effects Mute".


          It looks like an "fx" icon.

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            I feel you but it is slow even when colour grading a jpeg photo I imported   ♀️

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              It's not just the amount of RAM that your MacBook Pro has, but It's a combination of three other things. First, your system's CPU is too weak for any type of 4k video work whatsoever, largely because it is not a true quad-core CPU at all but merely a hyperthreadable dual-core CPU. (All mobile i5 CPUs up to and including the Broadwell generation have only two physical cores.) Second, you failed to indicate whether or not your system has a discrete GPU or is merely using the integrated Intel graphics (I assume the latter). Third, you are trying to run everything off of that single molasses-slow hard drive (which I am assuming that it only spins at 5400 RPM).


              And to top that all off, newer versions of Premiere Pro really needs a much more robust hardware configuration than past versions just to perform adequately smoothly.

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                Premiere CC 2018 just sucks, did you try CC 2017...I know it's still made by Adobe (garbage software made by idiots) but somehow they didn't messed CC 2017 up enough, up to their standards (which they have none) and it got released somehow, i recommend that version.

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                  This why I always use proxies, convert any 4K to 720p while editing but like I say I’m still having the issue no matter how small a file I use and it is slowing my Mac down even when it’s not open -_-, I feel going back to 2017 cc may be my only hope guys !!