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    LR CC Classic: Lib: View Options - no way to DISPLAY 35mm equiv focal length?

    Beachsweeper Level 1

      On the Metadata Panel on the right in the Lib, the EXIF info incudes the field "Focal Length 35mm". This is handy for those of us who have moved from a 35mm dSLR to another kind of camera ('bridge', in my case), rather than going through the calculation to derive it.

      But I'd like to display THAT field instead of (or in addition to, if not instead of) the ACTUAL focal length used in an image, in the Loupe View(s) overlays when browsing. Seems like such a simple thing and now, with many NON-dSLR cameras being used, a common interest?

      I've seen advice about Jeffrey Friedl's plug-ins; but these seem to be about filtering, sorting, etc. I don't want to do that; I just want the option to add that EXIF field to those displayable in Loupe View overlays.

      Any solutions? Or is this a 'submit a request for future improvement' things? ;-)

      Thanks, -- DT