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    Odd Behavior with Acrobat Scrolling, View Gaps Between Pages

    LBened Level 1

      Using Acrobat DC Professional with Windows 7 and trying to set Bookmarks to items on the lower half of a page we discovered that even with View / Page Display / Enable Scrolling and Show Gaps between Pages selected, the view will not allow us to show the bottom of one page and the top of the next page.


      I accidentally discovered that if I first turn on Automatically Scroll and then turn it off I can scroll anywhere and bookmark any view even this.  What's up with this? Seems like an undocumented feature. 


      If document properties are set to Single Page Continuous shouldn't the view below be possible anyway -- without running auto scroll first?

      This setting holds until I logoff but of course it does not transfer with the file.   Is there a way I could duplicate this using Javascript on open? A Javascript to run Auto Scroll and then immediately turn it off, returning to top.




      PDF Scrolling.png