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    Write to AD

      I would like to give users the capability to edit thier accounts in Active Directory (AD). I currently use cfldap for AD searches, but how would I write data to AD?
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          Michael Level 1
          Use the CFLDAP tag where ACTION="modify".

          Basically, it would look something like this:

          <cfldap action="modify" modifytype="replace" attributes="sn=#lastname#;givenName=#firstName#" dn="#userDN#" ...[rest of attributes]...>

          In the ATTRIBUTES attribute, you set any AD attributes that need to be changed. These attribute/values are separated by a semicolon. If any values should have a semicolon in them, then you need to use the DELIMITER or SEPARATOR attributes to specify a different character. I would suggest a tab character.
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            DaSpaz Level 1
            The key was using semicolons in the attributes.