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    Open Caption export - Missing texts

    Copenhagen Media Facility

      I've have been cutting a indie feature film to be displayed to CPH Pix.

      We are going to make DCP and put SRT file on.

      It's been edited in premiere.

      But when I export my open subtitles as SRT file.

      So, texts are missing at the end of the SRT file.

      It seems to me as an export mistake. Can anyone help?

      Have already tried the following:
      1. Make a new copy of project.
      2. Create new seq.
      3. Export from 3 different windows machines.
      4. Export locally on the machine.
      5. Cut open caption over the middle and pull in the end and export from there.
      6. Create more text boxes to see if the next one would appear
      7. End text boxes and paste text into new box / recreate