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    Webtrends flash tracking code/getURL problem

      Hi there,

      We have a flash banner on our homepage that we'd like to track using Webtrends to measure click-throughs.

      Using Webtrends documented code:

      if (ExternalInterface.available) {
      try {
      ExternalInterface.call("dcsMultiTrack", "DCS.dcsuri",
      "/flash/support_tab.html", "WT.ti", "Support%20Tab");
      } catch (error:Error) {
      // error handling here
      } catch (error:SecurityError) {
      // error handling here

      using only this code in the movie [via a event handler - which is permitted] we are able to measure click tracks.


      On our movie we also need the user to also be able to click and go to the corresponding webpage URL for further info.

      So in theory when the user clicks on the movie we'd like: 1/ Webtrends to track the click-through and then 2/ go to the defined webpage.

      Within the Webtrends code i've tried adding a getURL function which works [i.e goes to the required URL], but then stops the Webtrends javascript from being processed and hence stops Webtrends tracking click-throughs. I've read online that getURL once initiated it stops all other javascript processes from being run (?).

      I've then tried all others methods such as:

      if (ExternalInterface.available) { ExternalInterface.call("window.open", " http://www.adobe.com", "win", "height=200,width=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes"); }

      fscommand("openWindow", " http://www.adobe.com|win|height=200,width=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes");


      BUT none of these have worked with the Webtrends code.

      Has anyone managed to get anything similar to work or provide any code/advice? If so any help would be most appreciated!!!!!!