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    Freehand Draw with Surface Pen Choppy


      I use Acrobat DC to freehand annotate student essays on a Surface Pro running Windows 10. I prefer to use Acrobat because it is easy to open and save the PDF documents that I download; however, Acrobat changes the handwritten annotations slightly. This results in it "smoothing out" my 'w' to be a 'u,' spiking certain lines well above where they should end, and making the dots above my 'i' huge. As someone who teaches English, and who's students are already overwhelmed by both the content and their own preconceived notions, having choppy annotations adds to the issue rather than help solve it. I cannot find where there are settings to adjust this in Acrobat, and I know that the issue is not with the Surface or the pen because I can annotate in Drawboard (which I am not allowed to install on a work computer) and OneNote (I would use this, but it adds about ten minutes per essay to import and export, which amounts to about 900 extra minutes for each round of drafts) without this issue occurring. Any suggestions for fixing this problem in Acrobat are welcome.