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    Premiere Pro performance on Macs

    eijii18951436 Level 1


      I'm a long time Premiere Pro user, having used Avid Media Composer and Final Cut 7 previously. What I would like to know it, is there genuinely any intention of improving the performance of Premiere Pro on Macs?


      I'm not an Apple fanboy, but at the company I work we've invested a lot in the Apple infrastructure for our editing suites. The performance from our mac pro's on premiere has always been disappointing (i feel my macbook is just as good most of the time!) and as we do more and more 4K and raw work, it's becoming a real issue. We are due for reinvestment in our hardware and I've been considering switching to a PC infrastructure, but equally switching to Final Cut Pro X might be a reasonable option that wont cost as much.


      I'm mostly happy with Premiere in terms of it's overall usability and features, so I guess what I really want to hear from someone at Adobe is that there is a something serious happening about it's mac related performance issues. There are some big decisions that we as a small company have been mulling over for a while, that I'm sure many like us are thinking too and would also like some assurance from adobe.