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    Windows Explorer lags while opening/rearranging massive pdf folder



      The problem is following: I’m a historian and I work on multiple PDF files, each containing multiple pages of scanned documents (usually handwritten so OCR is ruled out). Those files are usually rather big – up to 400 MB. I'm used to fill in the properties of each file: ‘title’, ‘topic’ and ‘tags’. Then I try to navigate through those files – stored in one folder - using standard Windows Explorer (precisely: Windows 10 Pro if it matters, Ifilter installed). And now the PROBLEM comes. Every time I open the folder OR make attempt to rearrange the files order along different columns – either ‘title’ or ‘topic’ or ‘tags’ – it takes enormous amount of time for my computer to complete the list. The more files I add to the folder, the longer it takes – now it’s like 3-4 minutes. It looks like Windows Explorer builds files index every time from the scratch and it ‘forgets’ the task was already done few minutes before. It is really annoying.  I’ve got relatively new and fast computer (ThinkPad T450) so the problem doesn’t seem to be hardware related. And now the QUESTION: do you know how to tweak Windows Explorer you have any dedicated PDF files on your mind that could solve my problem?