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    Issue with H.264 multitrack export in Premiere CC 2018


      Hi there,


      I have been through several threads in the forum about this - a lot of the answers I get are quite old, and I have actually started experiencing this since last update.


      I'll try to keep the story short - in the last few years I have been working with a client that wants his video delivered 1920x1080p 25fps H.264 with 4 separate audio tracks.

      What I used to do in the export window was to select Quicktime as a format and then H.264 as the video codec.

      Audio would stay uncompressed and separated in 4 different audio tracks.


      It worked very well, so much that I had created a preset for these export settings.


      Today I was working for them again, but when I tried to export an error message came out, saying that the video codec needed for the export couldn't be found - I haven't taken a screenshot of it since I was under deadline and trying to wrap my head around it, but I remember it said


      Component: Quicktime of Type Exporter

      Selector: 9

      Error Code: 27


      So I guess that the H.264 codec is not available anymore when exporting in Quicktime. (why??)


      Now I solved this momentarily by exporting in ProRes 422 with 4 separate audio tracks and then by using Quicktime (yes, the app itself!) to export the video that comes out of this - what I get is a .mov in H.264 (AVC) with 4 separate AAC audio tracks.


      It works for now, but since there's many people out there with this same issue (at least by reading on these forum) and I feel dumb doing this cheap trick to get the video I need, I'd like to ask a definitive answer to the question:


      How can I export a video from Premiere Pro CC that is



      H.264 codec


      4 separate audio tracks.


      Thanks in advance!