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    Cannot Uninstall RoboHelp 7

    Philip Tory Level 1
      Just in case anybody else could not uninstall RH7.
      I already have RH6 and had installed the Trial RH7; I now want to uninstall the RH7 Trial.
      Go into Add or Remove Programs and work my way through to Remove RoboHelp 7, and click the "Remove" button. The button locked down, and nothing happened for about TEN MINUTES! Hung, cannot close the window.
      I crashed out of it in Task Manager, restarted the PC and tried again: click "Remove" and it hung again. Wait and see? - so I went and fixed some lunch.
      When I came back, it was still hung, so I came into the Community and checked for similar - nothing - so here I am. BUT! While I was typing, the Uninstall started to happen! Mind you, it's still got serious constipation, and is still removing files ten minutes after it 'unhung' itself. And this is a 3GHz Pentium 4 with 1.5Gb memory! God help anyone with a 486...
      Good job it's lunchtime. I think I'll go and watch TV for a bit...
      Ah! - finished; that's 25 minutes after it unhung, add ten minutes while the Remove button was locked down ... that's 35 MINUTES TO UNINSTALL RH7!
      Good grief, Charlie Brown!