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    DNG Profile Editor - does it work with High Sierra?

    avacto Level 1

      I have downloaded and installed the Adobe DNG Profile Editor, Version beta

      Two files get downloaded:  DNG Profile Editor.app" and also "DNG Profile Editor.app.dSYM".



      I am using an Apple iMac running High Sierra


      The program seems to start up properly when I click on it.

      When I click on File >  Open DNG Image.   ......the file opens.   "file name...   then M8 Digital Camera - White Balance: 4950/10"


      If I select Tone Curve, the program works


      If I select "Color Matrices" this is what happens:


      I go to "Temperature" setting, and try to move any "slider". 

      I get an error message "The operation could not be completed."

      I click OK.




      I go back to the program window, and at the top of the screen for DNG Profile Editor" and then select "Quit DNG Profile Editor".

      Sometimes the program will not quit.   In that case I need to Force Quit.

      Other times it closes.



      If I close and try to re-open an image, or a different image,  I get "DNG Profile Editor could not open the selected image.  Note that the selected image must be a valid DNG color image".