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    onclick for the itemrenderer button control

    josh_aries Level 1

      I have a XML as the datasource. Here is the portion of my XML

      <action_description>Action Desc</action_description>
      <action_column column_number="1" column_value="1" />
      <action_column column_number="2" column_value="2" />
      <action_column column_number="3" column_value="3" />

      Here is my Label function for accessing the attributes of the action_column

      public function LabelFunc(item:Object, column:DataGridColumn): String
      return item.action_column.(@column_number==column.dataField).@column_value;

      Now I changed the datagrid column to display the content in the column in a button using

      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="4" labelFunction="LabelFuncAction" itemRenderer="mx.controls.Button"/>

      How do I use the click event for the button to toggle b/w yes and no?