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    Can't get cgi.remote_user from cfc anymore

      I'm having trouble getting cgi.remote_user in cfc not returning to Flex in a cfc to return to Flex.

      The cfc returns the cgi.remote_user when invoked from a cfm page. But from Flex just "" empty. I can access the cfc from Flex, just can't get any cgi vars.

      It use to work from the Flex app using a RemoteObject until the other day, I had to reinstall the OS, IIS and Coldfusion again.

      OS: Window Server 2003
      IIS : 6
      ColdFusion: 8

      Don't know if I'm missing a IIS setting or if it was something left over for an old Fash Remoting or CF setup that was allowing this to work.

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          I have a similar issue. Anyone have any ideas? Here is my scenario:

          A user hits my application and a remoteobject calls a CFC. The CFC has a login query that uses the CGI.REMOTE_USER variable.

          SELECT (..User stuff)
          FROM (sometable)
          WHERE (RemoteUser = '#cgi.remote_user#' (well, it is in a function, but you get the idea)

          Anyway, if I invoke it using a CFM file, I get a good result, as expected. But my Flex app see's nothing when I run it. All the other queries work just fine. If I replace the #cgi.remote_user# with actual text, like esc\mcneelg it works fine.

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            binkerboy Level 1
            Another note: it works fine on my localhost, just not the server. I have not been able to get to the server to look at IIS and CF8 configurations.