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    UI Animation - Total Beginner to Flex.

      Hi all. First off, I am COMPLETELY new to Flex. I'm loving it though, makes much more sense than Flash etc to me (could be the tutorials being better?).

      Anyway, I am wanting to make an application that has 4-5 user interfaces, which sit on top of each other like layers in cel animation, think of it like old school parallax gaming. When the user wishes, they can move 'into' the frame. I want the layers to expand (scale) so it looks like the user is moving forward, the upper most layer will scale out of sight, but will stay in place so the suer can move back.

      So, I'm not asking for a step by step as that'd be cheeky. What would you suggest I research, a few words for pointers or maybe a sentence like "you need to look at x, which allows you to do y, and with that you can do z".

      Hope I'm not asking too much.

      Take care, A.