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    playback does not work

    jj 2000

      i need some help with my premiere pro. I am not able to playback anything in my program monitor. i have tried everything, from changing the short cut to delete and reinstal to encode my files to a other format. it has been like this for about 2 weeks and before this there has never been any issue with editing my files. I use a dell xps 15 9570, i7 8th gen.


      i hope someone in tis forum can help me out



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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Take a look at you Audio hardware setup, there might be an error there that is stopping the playback. Often Windows updates upsets this.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Solved this issue yet, jj%202000? Let us know.



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              AndyB-LondonSecretAgency Level 1

              No Playback in PP 2019.  13 Nov 2018.


              Project was working fine this afternoon. Now the spacebar does not work at all in PP2019, the Play Button doesn't work, scrubbing the playhead in audio, source and program doesn't work either.  My producer is livid, but at me!


              Here's what I've tried


              Restarted PP

              Updated PP to most recent

              Empty the Cache

              Move the Cache

              Resetting the workspace

              Changing the renderer

              Restarting Premiere Pro again and again.

              Check that it's not a Mac Spacebar problem (it's not as I'm typing this).Duplicate the Sequence (this sometimes works on other Premiere audio-issue bugs)

              Check the audio output

              Make a new comp


              I'm stumped now. Any advice?

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                AndyB-LondonSecretAgency Level 1

                WORKED AROUND - do not use Premiere Pro 2019 just yet.
                Use this lovely tool to go back to 2018 and make edits great again.  This works immediately in 2018!


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                No need to use some 3rd party tool as you can revert to Pr Pro from the Adobe CC DTA.