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    Is there anyone working smoothly with LR on a 4K Display?

    BottledLightsPhotography Level 1

      Dear Windows LR users,

      I have a BenQ 4K display on a GTX 1050i GPU, 32GB of RAM, an i7 4GHz CPU and some super fast SSDs. However, working with LR has become a nightmare, especially when using the spot removal or adjustment brush tools. And yes, GPU support is enabled in the preferences. This just sucks. In a previous post Adobe recommended to switch to a lower resolution. This, of course, solves the issue but that's not what I've got a 4K display for.


      If there is anyone working happily and smoothly with LR classic on a windows machine with a 4K display: Could you please post your system configuration so I know what to buy? Is performance better on AMD CPUs/GPUs?


      Adobe, get your products' performance straight, this sucks!!!