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    what are the limitations around action buttons?

      I have been trying to publish a presenter file with 5 different action buttons going to different custom shows from the same slide - but when i publish, only the first action button on the page is working.

      Can anyone suggest where i might be going wrong, or tell me if there are limitations in this area?

      thank you.
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          Someone else was asking about this a while back. Presenter doesn't capture information about custom shows and show and return. It works on a linear process. For example if your custom show was displaying slides 5,6 and 7, when you click an action button to show the custom show it will jump to slide 5, but then doesn't know what else to show.

          You can use action buttons to move forward, backwards, go to a specific slide and also show hidden slides. Last viewed slide doesn't work.

          Probably not the answer you wanted to hear but I hope it helps clarify what I have found out.