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    Compare documents leading to create portfolio prompt


      I am using Adobe Acrobat DC and would like to compare two documents. I choose Compare from the menu, select my two files, and click Compare. I then get this message:


      Compare Error.PNG


      I created a portfolio containing both documents, which is not eligible to be compared since it's only one document.


      I created two separate portfolios, each containing one document, and it tells me to extract the portfolio.


      I'm at a loss. I have compared documents many times before successfully and don't see what the issue is here. Any thoughts?

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          I’m going to move this to the Acrobat PDF Workflow forum. You’ve posted in the non-technical Lounge.


          I think you can probably ignore this warning and proceed proceed with the comparison on your two original files.



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            adeep93 Adobe Employee



            Could you please share the files that you're trying to Compare so that we could narrow down the issue at our end?


            Please follow the steps to share the file using Adobe send - https://cloud.acrobat.com/send

            1. Open this link
            2. Click on “Select files to Send”
            3. Click link "Choose file from my computer" and Select the file
            4. Click on "Add Files", if you have more files to add
            5. Click on Create link
            6. Share this link with us
            7. You can also share this file to limited persons using "Send personalized invitations"
            8. Enter the email ids of persons you want to share the file and click "Send"

            Or using Adobe send:

            1. Launch your Application
            2. Switch to Toll Center view and Open Send & Track
            3. Click on “Select Files to Send”
            4. A dialog will open from where you can choose the file/s you want to share
            5. The workflow page will appear with the file/s to be shared prepopulated
            6. Click on Create Link
            7. Your Local files will be uploaded to the Document Cloud and a Public Link will be generated
            8. Share the link with us.


            Also, could you please share the version number of your Acrobat?



            Adobe Acrobat DC Team

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