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    Very slow attaching from Adobe to Outlook


      I have a client that is using Adobe DC Standard and attempting to use the folder icon to send to his email as an attachment.  When he clicks that icon (even on a very small pdf) the process to attach to an email takes 1 - 2 minutes to complete.  (Adobe DC Standard (Fully Updated) and Outlook 2016 (Fully Updated)


         I have tried the following...



      1. Repaired the installation of Office and Adobe
      2. Turned off Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook and tested again.
      3. Changed to Office 64-bit instead of Office 32-bit.
      4. Again tried it with both Cached Exchange Mode on and off.
      5. Received an alert that his hard drive was throwing errors due to bad sectors…
      6. Replaced Hard Drive
      7. Reloaded Operating System and Applications from scratch
      8. Again tried steps 1-4
      9. Attempted to “Share” a document from Word and Attach to an Email as an attachment.  This works flawlessly.
      10. Found an Add-on that was installed in Outlook called Adobe Send and Track

      System seems to work better without Send and Track turned on but is still very slow. (Instead of 2 minutes to attach it takes 1 minute)


      What can I do to resolve this issue?   I have searched the Adobe forums but most of the entries have to do with the envelope icon failing completely.  This is just a crazy delay.


      Thanks for your help in advance.