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    pageTitle oddity

      Hello, all. I am using Flex 3 beta 3.0.190133. I have a main application page with pageTitle and a Viewstack and many child pages. It all works fine. On one of these pages, I added an accordian navigator with forms. Now, the pageTitle is trashed and I see #app=78d6&d6dc-selectedIndex=0 in the browser title area AND in the address in the browser reads:
      http://localhost/ESCGSuppliers/bin-debug/ESCGSuppliers.html#app=78d6&d6dc-selectedInde x=0

      What am I missing here? I cannot get the pageTitle to show up correctly. I read other pageTitle entries and it seems that one of the other people have had something similar, but not resolution.

      Thanks and happy Flexing.

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          binkerboy Level 1
          I just noted something else odd. When I click to navigate the panes, the browser seems to behave like javascript is doing something behind the scenes. In IE, the it acts like the page is refreshing, the little blue activity bar at the bottom briefly shows up, but the page does not actually refresh. The page url does change to show me steping through each selectedIndex. Why would the Flex application need to do this?
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            binkerboy Level 1
            Well, I think I found (an) answer for the URL issue. Deep Linking. I stumbled on it by accident. Here is where you control it in Flex:

            Enable deep linking in Flex Builder

            Select Project > Properties.
            Select the Flex Compiler option.
            Select the "Enable integration with browser navigation" option.

            I disabled it and that seems to have fixed the problem. I would probably prefer to have it enabled, but it trashes the pageTitle when on. Turn it off, problem disappears.

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              binkerboy Level 1
              Well, this is definately a Deep Linking issue. After reading about it, I think it can resolved gracefully, we'll see. Hope this helps someone and saves some time digging around. I found the information in the Flex 3 Help.