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    Flash SWC to Flex


      Hi, I'm new here... we have began evaluating Flex Builder to see if it fits our needs... one of the first things we tried was to try to import a MovieClip from flash CS3 to flex, and it didn't worked at all... actually, I expended two days trying *everything... It looked to a lot of tutorials on the net and I tried a lot of things, but nothing seemed to work.

      This is what we have and what we did:

      Flex Builder 2 + Flex SDK 2.0.1 + hotfix 2
      CS3 Ver 9 + Flex component kit

      When exported from CS3 I enabled "actionscript3" and "export SWC"... then I created a movieclip, and from the library, I set its linkage properties (export for actionscript, base class: flash.display.MovieClip class: testClass), and then exported the movie clip as a single SWC file.

      In Flex builder I created an ActionScript project (I don't want to mess with Flex yet) and I tried to make the SWC visible to the project, I copied it to the LIB folder and I added it to the project with the project/ properties/ actionscript build path/ library path , and I added the SWC file.

      Inmediately after that, I got the error messages:
      * An internal build error occurred, please check the error log.
      * unable to load SWC myFlashMovieClip.swc

      And I was not able to move from that... I tried to modify all the flex builder project settings and I tried to export the movieclip a dozen times with different setups, but flex builder seems unable to recognize it.

      I couldn't find the named "error log" file anyware, not in the project folders, not in flex builder folders

      I tried to find solutions on the net, but everything I've found is "intall 2.01 fix" which is already installed.

      I also tried to find on the net the source code of a sample project that exports a movieclip from flash to flex using SWC and I couldn't find any... all I've found are samples of actionscript extracting content directly from swf files.

      I even decompressed the swc file, took a look to catalog.xml and everything seemed to look fine to me.

      What I need is a very simple "hello world" like project with a FLA containing the ready to export into SWC movieclip... and a simple actionscript (not flex) project that links to that given SWC file and displays it... my God, it can't be that difficult!